The most efficient workflow to create 3 months of social media, blog, and newsletter content in just 3 days without losing your mind, money, or momentum.

Who Marketing Content Wizard is NOT for:

You believe that scheduling a month’s worth of marketing copy is only for those that pay a marketing firm


You like to waste your time crying in your coffee wishing marketing content would write itself


You aren’t ready to create all your marketing content quickly in one place to minimize distractions


You are not willing to spend 6 hours once a month to create 30 days of content


Are you ready to FINALLY stop paying monthly fees for tools that say they’ll help, but never do?

Would you rather spend your time creating content for all your channels in one simple template that you can use over and over to get consistent results?

Are you looking for a low-tech, distraction-free tool, to help you focus and be more productive when creating content?

Would you love to have a techie expert on call to help when you have questions?

Then you are in the right place at JUST the right time.

Marketing Content Wizard + bonuses = Win win

Module 1: Marketing Content wizard Template

Create Your Annual Plan. Maximize your time So that you can spend more time closing deals instead of drafting copy.

Draft Monthly Content for Every Platform in One Place. Reduce tech overwhelm that blocks your productivity so you can focus on the words you want to say, not the logins you can’t remember. 

Craft Focused Marketing to Engage Your Audience. Use all your marketing to reach and entice buyers so you can use your time and money enjoying life instead of living and breathing nothing but business. 

Leverage Batching Strategies. Quickly schedule content you’ve created so that you can spend time engaging your audience with targeted marketing, not crazy cat videos.

Ditch Monthly Payments. One time fee, lifetime access so that you can spend money on running ads not paying for tools.


Module 2: Create Content Quickly and Efficiently 

Brainstorming, Mind Mapping and Annual Planning. Learn how to brainstorm and mind map your way to a clear annual marketing plan.

Monthly Marketing Content Creation. Learn how to use the Marketing Content Wizard Template to create 30 days of targeted, focused marketing content.

Creating Content Efficiently. Learn big business strategies for creating 30 days of content in a single sitting.

Scheduling Best Practices. Keep your audience engaged and your feed full with consistently scheduled content.

Module 3: Title of Module 3 Goes Here

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ACT Fast…don’t miss these special offers

SPECIAL OFFER: Get A Bonus Brainstorming Session for $49!

30-minute Zoom video conference to work together on mind mapping your annual plan to jump-start your content creation! If you’re worried about getting started all by yourself…then act fast and get some one-on-one time with me to jumpstart setting up your template and creating your annual marketing plan!

Bonus 1: Design on a Dime

Become a Canva Rockstar. Learn how to use Canva to delight your audience with eye-catching design on your graphics and promotional marketing materials.

Dive Deeper with Canva’s Paid Membership. The paid version of Canva has some great benefits that make the monthly fee a solid option. Learn how to leverage the branding, resizing, and font upload capabilities to take your design to the next level.

Create a Brand Guide for Your Marketing. Keep your marketing recognizable and raise your brand awareness with consistent branding and style.

Bonus 2: Small Business Success Strategies Video Series

Instant Access to our Small Business Success Strategies Video Series

Create maximum efficiencies. Leverage the power of Trello to streamline your workflows.

Create scalable practices in your business. Create a business with growth potential.

Create a business you work on, not in. Build your business with intention. Identify areas that slow your productivity.

Marketing Content Wizard + Bonus oFFERS – $397

Annual Mind Mapping Guided Workshop

Join me for a live, virtual mind mapping and planning session to determine your strategies, taticts and offers for the entire year.

Step by Step Guided Tutorials

You’ll think you have a Marketing Mentor with our guided tutorials on how to use the Marketing Content Wizard, Coggle and Scheduling tools!

Marketing Content Wizard Template

One low-tech template to master plan and create your marketing with no distractions and no fees.

BONUS: Design on a Dime Canva Training

Create eye-catching graphics to catch consumer interest and engage your audience. Create branded graphics quickly and raise your brand awareness.

Offline Access

Work on the Marketing Content Wizard in Google Drive, or download to work offline. Use on any device.

BONUS: Success Strategies for Small Business

Get instant access to our Success Strategies for Small Business video series. Leverage the power of big business strategies for small business solutions!

Marketing Content Wizard Masterclass

$47 Lifetime Access

How I became a Problem Solving Tech Guru

& Automation Expert for Entrepreneurs…


OK, so ‘Problem Solving Tech Guru and Automation Expert for Entrepreneurs” obviously isn’t my actual title (what a mouthful!), but the thousands of frustrated entrepreneurs who’ve found me while looking for ways to streamline their business and leverage tech and automation actually think it’s a pretty good fit.

I think it’s a nice side effect of helping so many people overcome their struggles after they have been floundering around & getting desperate for so many years.

Before I dedicated myself to helping people say adios to micromanaging their business instead of seeing the possibilities in the big picture, I was a Project Manager at an international consulting firm, and it took a lot of inspiration, a never-ending stream of caffeine, & a truck-load of guts to get to where I am today.

Let’s Do the Math… 6,125 Entrepreneurs Trained to Date!

So, the reason I am CALLED an expert is that one fine day, I decided I was going to really figure out how to leverage corporate strategies and systems for small businesses thing out.

For once, I was the one looking for a solution..not a possible solution, but a sure-shot, carved-in-stone, works consistently each and every time solution.

And so I did. I gave it my all (time, money, effort) and I am incredibly proud of the results I have managed to get for my people.

I have a Google Drive that is full to the brim with real life success stories and unsolicted love notes like this. And NO, I did not pay these people to say all these nice things about Marketing Content Wizard. I wish I could share ALL of the stories but that would mean, your new feed will get overflooded with me and my awesomeness and we can’t really have that no, can we? (CAN WE?)

I will save you the madness and just share some of the stories

This is the moment of truth with three paths diverging in front of you…

ONE– You can decide to do nothing, and keep running after Marketing Firms, Social Media Marketers, Automatic Posting Services hoping they will help you crack the code of creating consistent monthly content, but we both know that’s a one-way, no refund ticket to NOville!

 TWO– You can try to solve this issue on your own…it might work…actually, it will work better than what you have been doing…but something tells me “better” isn’t good enough…right?

THREE– You can get the everything included solution that guides you in Planning, Writing, Designing and Posting 30 Days of Marketing Content without having to hire a marketing agency, spending all your hard earned money on impersonal content. You can FINALLY break free from daily posting and constant worry that your target customers have forgotten who you are in as little as 30 days even if you barely have time to post once a day! 

Frankly, only one of these choices makes any sense at all, especially since there is absolutely no risk…ZERO!

Let me break this all down for you

What I am offering here is a system you can use over and over to create 30 days of blogs and social media content in 3 days without losing your mind, money, or momentum. …and I know because this is exactly what I have seen happening…

Over and over again..

And that makes it easy tackle marketing in under 30 minutes a day without hiring a marketing firm and spending hundreds of dollars a month for generic content to fill your feed.

Annual and Monthly Templates to use on or offline $499

Video tutorials on how to mind map, annual plan, and use the monthly templates $197

Step by step instructions on how to create graphics and schedule your posts $97

You also get some mind-boggling bonuses

(that frankly, are worth more than the product itself)

Close your eyes and Picture this…

You stop running from solution to solution, guru to guru, one fake promise to the next and finally start seeing results.

When you invest in Marketing Content Wizard, you get instant access to everything, you can start using it within the next 30 seconds and start seeing results in as little as 30 days

How’s that for motivation?

You will never go back to your old ways again.


You will never fall for the sleazy, tired tactics of monthly marketing subscription sites


You will never let yourself be HAD by those so-called experts

You will never be fooled…EVER!

Marketing Content Wizard is THE ONLY low-tech system that teaches and empowers you to create 3 months of social media, newsletter, and blog marketing content in 3 days without losing your mind, money, or momentum.

Do you:

Know any other Template and Training that eliminates frustration on what to post to keep your audience engaged?

Know any other Template and Training that removes all distractions so you can focus on creating massive amounts of content in a single sitting?

Know any other Template and Training that makes it easy tackle marketing in under 30 minutes a day without hiring a marketing firm?

So What Can You Do?

You could hire a marketing firm to promote your business and spend between $500 and $2000 a month

OR you could try creating content each day on the fly based on what worked for your competitors and spend between tons of your time and $300 in stock photos

OR you could get your social media savvy niece to post something for you and hope it goes viral and spend between $100 and $500 (depends on how hard your niece negotiates)

But realize that you will still risk…


NOT having content created by someone who knows your business like you do

Needing a bottomless bank account to keep up with the constant fees for marketing teams and ads

NOT engaging your audience with targeted marketing that you can adjust as needed



Stated differently, if I just handed you this big hunk of cash, would you turn it down?

Think about that before you click away…

frequently asked questions about

Marketing Content Wizard

Q. Will this Create content for me
A. No! This is a tool that will eliminate distractions and provide a single place to draft your content each month. Creating targeted content that promotes your products and services is a task you definitely want creative control over!

Q. Can I expect immediate Access?
A. Absolutely. Immediately after checkout.

Q. Will I still be able to Get results if I am brand new and have never marketed a business before?
A. Of course! This system is perfect for marketers at all stages of expertise. The training that accompanies the template will guide you on how to create an annual marketing plan and give you best practices for creating content each month.

Q. What if I'm technically challenged?
The template and training are purposefully low-tech and easy learning curve. You should be focused on creating AWESOME, ENGAGING Marketing Content, not trying to figure out a new software.

I want you to try ​Marketing Content Wizard at my risk Because I know it works but you don’t …yet!

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, and I mean even 1% unhappy, I want you to immediately return it. I mean it, I don’t want your money.

I value our relationship and my reputation more than a few hundred bucks. So please, try Marketing Content Wizard for 30 days (even though you will get everything in 5 days, I am giving you 30 days to be completely sure and utterly satisfied) I won’t take anything less!

So go ahead, buy now – you have plenty of time to go through everything and decide if this is the right fit for you. But you’ll never know unless you take a chance and invest in yourself.

Marketing Content Wizard Masterclass

$47 Lifetime Access

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You are inches away from caffeinating and creating batches of blog posts in a single sitting! Just think about what consistent content creation will do for your business!!

Brace yourself Rockstar, thisis going to be FUN!

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